Contest Terms and Conditions

The following apply to all contests promoted at this website. Send your answers electronically to:

or you may reply via surface mail to:

624 West University Drive #183
Denton, TX 76201

Responses must be made electronically or via standard surface mail as described above. Entrants that submit both electronic and physical responses shall be entered only once. Multiple entries by the same person or entity shall be treated as a single entry. Each entrant must arrive at the answer independently, and employees or members of a single corporation or other enterprise may not claim all prizes.

The form of an entry may be on paper or in any other reasonable medium, including but not limited to word-processing or text files, HTML, audio or video recordings (as long as they are sent via e-mail or surface mail), and/or PDF files.

Employees of EIG or ICMI as well as immediate family members of such employees are disqualified from participating in any of these contests.

Entries will be reviewed in the order in which they are received, and winners will be identified on a first-come first-considered basis. Receipt time for electronic submissions shall be determined by the time stamp on the e-mail. Receipt time for physical submissions will be based on the postmark affixed by the US Post Office. Applications submitted via courier, other commercial delivery service (e.g., UPS, FedEx, DHL), telephone, in-person, or e-mails to recipients other than the official recipient named in the contest description shall be disqualified.

An independent panel of judges shall review each entry for accuracy, completeness, and order of receipt. Misspelled movie or book names, or partially-correct answers, as well as errors in page numbers, shall be judged on a case-by-case basis. The judges may allow or disqualify any entrant according to its own standards. Judging standards and identities of the judges shall be published prior to the judging event. The judging panel’s decisions shall be final.

Contest #1 Additional Terms and Conditions

The prize for this contest is a seat in a public workshop presented by EIG. The winner may not receive cash in place of attendance, nor any other alternative prize. EIG reserves the right to spread attendance across multiple workshops at its discretion. The prize includes all workshop materials, luncheons, snacks, and activities that are normal parts of the chosen public workshop. The prize does not include hotel room, travel, or other expenses beyond tuition. The winner may choose between any of the published public workshops currently promoted on the EIG or ICMI websites or may request a future workshop not yet scheduled. Paying attendees at workshops take precedence over contest winners, and EIG/ICMI reserve the right to refuse attendance to any specific workshop at their own discretion. Once a winner is registered for a given workshop, that seat is fixed and cannot be taken away by subsequent paying attendees. Once registered, prize seats may not be changed without express written permission from EIG or ICMI. Workshop no-shows forfeit their seat and may not reschedule for future events.

Contest #2 Additional Terms and Conditions

The prize for this contest is a book, autographed by both authors and shipped in whatever manner deemed appropriate by EIG and/or ICMI. No winner is required to locate all quotations—the winners will be those entrants who have identified the largest number of references by the contest cutoff date. The date is posted on this website. If ten winners are able to identify all references then the contest is over, even if the cutoff date is not yet reached. EIG and ICMI reserve the right to extend the cutoff date if ten winners have not yet entered when that date arrives. In such a case, this website may extend a series of “hints” or partial listing of references to stimulate entry. The cutoff date for this contest is June 18, 2007.