Contests now underway

Contest 1 -- Movie References

The book contains many references to movies, some overt and others very subtle. Please send an e-mail that lists every movie and the page on which it is referenced (some movies may be referenced more than once -- you may optionally note them all but any mention of the movie is all that's required).

The first five people to correctly name all movie references get a free seat in one of EIG's workshops.

Contest 2 -- Books, records, and music references

A contest similar to the above. The prize is a free copy of the third edition of How to Build a Speech Recognition Application. (third edition is due out next spring). The cutoff date for this contest is June 18, 2007.

Contest 3 -- Best persona coloring samples

Either download the pictures from essay #37 (below) or use a photocopy from the book (on page 103). The best examples will be displayed here on the site. Winners receive an IBTBAGM beanie.

  • Female Persona
  • Male Persona
  • Contest 4 -- "Spot the Bloopers"

    There are specific errors in the book. Spot them and suggest a better solution, and the "updates to the book" section of the website will show your answer with your name. You will also be acknowledged in the next edition of IBTBAGM. This includes bloopers that the authors and publishers haven't yet found. A panel of judges will decide which bloopers are true bloopers, and their decision is final.

    By entering any contest, you are agreeing that you have read and agree with the contest terms and conditions.